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Indoor Air Quality Products

It's amazing how the quality of your home's air affects the quality of your life. 

The heating and cooling industry has seen a revolution over the past decade. Heating and cooling once defined the industry, but today, many contractors, builders and homeowners need to consider a variety of air quality factors when planning and installing new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. In fact, the old "heating and cooling" school of thought has largely ceased to exist - replaced by the "indoor air quality" philosophy that embraces all aspects of heating, cooling and overall comfort, health, energy efficiency and protection of home furnishings

At Affordable A/C Systems we view indoor air quality as a four-part system consisting of temperature control, humidity control, ventilation and filtration. All of the products we offer are engineered to work together to create a comprehensive, intelligent indoor air quality system capable of keeping your whole house as healthy, comfortable and energy efficient as it can be; all with total control and convenience in mind. 

Whatever your indoor air quality need - whether to minimize or avoid, dust, mold, pollen, air that's too humid or too dry, or hot and cold spots - Affordable A/C Systems has a whole-house solution designed to solve it once and for all, and in every room of your home. 

Is a Filter system that will trap nuisance dust, and other airborne particles such as unhealthy bacteria, asthma and allergy triggers, and then redistributing newly cleaned air to your home.

Temperature Control
Programmable Thermostats are easy to control and understand, it saves energy helping your system become more efficient can control your whole house or can be configured as a part of a zoning system.

Humidity Control

A Humidifier can control de humidity your HVAC system releases, that way your nose won't feel too dry or itchy.
Also, a dehumidifier will help the unit decide when to run in order to avoid mold, mildew, dust mites and more by retrieving any excess humidity and redistributing dry comfortable air.


Ventilation is the exchange of indoor air for outdoor air. Two types of home ventilation methods include natural and mechanical ventilation. In natural ventilation, outside air enters the house through opened doors and windows. In mechanical ventilation, there are electronic devices such as fans that remove air from a single room, to whole-house systems that remove polluted indoor air and then distribute filtered and conditioned outdoor air throughout the house.