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Air Conditioning Tune Up!!

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Enjoy  increased Air Conditioner performance, and lower energy bills.  Make our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, procedures and experienced licensed technicians work for you, by executing an enhancing performance tune up on you Air Conditioning System. 

  • MEASURE:  Indoor Air Flow at filter grill and correct if needed.

  • CLEAN:  Outdoor Condenser Coils 

  • INSPECT:  Indoor Coil with Video Scope; Correct if needed & Indoor blower; Clean if needed.

  • ADJUST:  Refrigerant charge to manufacturer's specifications, using a digital refrigerant analyzer.

  • TEST:  Air Conditioner to verify how much cooling you're actually getting.

By participating you'll enjoy:

  • Up to 30% increase in cooling capacity and efficiency. 

  • A more dependable, longer lasting Air Conditioning System

  • Savings by reducing your energy usage.

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Better, cleaner, more efficient systems!