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Ductless Minisplit A/C Systems

A Central air conditioning system that uses ducts to distribute cooled or dehumidified air to more than one room, or uses pipes to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers in more than one room, and which is not plugged into a standard electrical outlet.  With a typical spllit system, the condenser and compressor ar located in an outdoor unit; the evaporator is located in the air handler unit.  With a packaged system, all components are located in a single outdoor unit that may be located in the ground or on the roof.  

Central air conditioning performs like a regular air conditioning system, but has several added benefits.

When the air handling unit turns on, room air is drawn in from various parts of the building through return air ducts.  This air is pulled through a filter where airbonrne particules such as dust and lint are removed.  Sophisticated filters may remove microscopic polutants as well.  The filtered air is routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to rooms.  Whenever the air conditioner is running, this cycle repeats continually.

Because the condenser unit (with its fan and the compressor) is located outside the home, it offers a lower level of indoor noise than a free-standing air conditioning unit. 
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